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In our home we have many objects of differents material. These it can be vases, tools, utensils and many more. In this litle article I explain how to clean the copper objects.



Some nature products, as lemon juice, vinegar and salt, are excellent in order to maintain clean and shiny copper, a rated materials in the kitchen.

The pot and other utensils of copper are very valued for the specialists in the kitchen, this material is a very good conductor of hot, and that it allows the cooking of food is much more uniform.

Janitorial Supplies and Material

  • Vinegar
  • Atomizer
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Juice Lemon
  • Salt

Option 1:

We put the hot vinegar in the atomizer. After we spray the objects, we sprinkle table salt to on and rub with the sponge or Microfiber Towel and many circle slow move, until well polished and shiny. It's not magic.

If the dirty is very impregnated and we cannot remove, we have let the objects in a container with hot vinegar for few minutes.

Option 2:

Mixer the juice lemon, hot vinegar and a spoonful salt this substance can be applied with a cloth to loosen dirt and then rinse with water.

if you left many residues of salt at the table, you can clean with dusters of any materials, but remember you knowledge the surface and material of the table.



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