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 janitorial company

For clean this type of furnishing we should follow some homemade tricks. This furniture must be given special attention, for the easy of spot and damage, this is because the open pores with this causes, powder is impregnated or any liquid than be spilling.

For the perfect washed of the furniture of wood untreated furniture and maintained is important than in the first step be remove the powder of the surface with the vacuum, for then wash with the microfiber towel-all purpose moistened and dry.

We can bright the color of the wood rubbing cloth or the microfiber towel-window on the surface this must be soaked in water with bleach and darker, with dyes, chemicals or natural. Remember it is in the market exist many products chemistry of cleaner.

If you furniture have some spot, you can act immediately, with a brush and a little water with soap, you can clean soap as the alcohol. If a stain of oil sprinkle some talcum, if it is blot of wax, there is have to scrape with a knife and polish the area with fine sandpaper. You can remove this stain with the fine salt and rub the zone with the paper fine sandpaper then rub with a clean cork, slightly dampened with clean water to remove this particles.

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