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The kitchen is a place whre alway it's dirty because every


day we cook. However not always, we have the time for clean this place. Normally never thinking how to clean the kitchen clean, order or pick up the janitorial supplies and other instrumental of cook. This activities we can do in parts, weely or monthly, but if we want than the work will be very easy, we have do it all daily, because the kitchen is not very dirty, we are not letting dirt accumulate.


With this steps you can little clean, because is not deep, but you will help.

  1. If you cook more of dish, you can accumulate many utensils in all parts and ingredients. The first step is separate each one and divide in categories.
  2. Save each objects in it places, if you have children, you can help their, because this way will save time.
  3. Put the residues in a bag for then put the trash in a container.
  4. Objects together in put the sink, in this part begin the really clean, if you have diswasher then you finish here, but if you not have, then you prepare for janitorial. In this steps you can use some of our articles as: you can some brushes for wash the dish or other utensil, if you clean the part supeior of kitchen you can this brushes Palmyra handle scrub brush is perfectly for surface wherein if not enter and hard to reach areas or you can use the poly handle scrub brush for this process.
  5. For finish you use some microfiber towel for clean in the table.

This tips you can do it, one time for week, of this way you will avoid accumulating dirt.



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