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The people are father know about this problems, the children wherein growclean the wall, begin a new activities and new attractions. The boys and girls start to paint in the floor or walls, many how to clean the wax?, this situation can become rather complicated if we have children in the house.

Is very easy identify a house have children, most have spots in the pay wall, dining etc. paint, crayons and other liquid waxes, but than our son paint the house is not the same for clean. Exist occasion drawing decoration is very favorable but in other cases it is disastrous.

If have that problem in your home, for remove the spot of wax in the wall, you can take note of the next tips and indications facilitating work.

The wax of crayon is a spot very difficult of remove, but the solution more quickly is use toothpaste. Only you apply in the zone stained, you can rub, remember spread the sufficient, use warm.  With this trick will get completely remove the stain from the surface of the wall.

Other solution

You can use bicarbonate sodium, wet a sponge in this substance and water. To continue pass the sponge moistened on the surface of the wall spot of crayon. If the painting is wash of you wherein we  live, must be clean up with a little water or use some janitorial supply.

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