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Tip for cleaning vases



Janitorial Equipment and Material

  • Baking soda.
  • Water

The vases are very important accessories, when decorating our home. Many times we clean our house, and we forget these objects, which daily become dirty due to dust when sweeping with a broom. Other people use some brushes, totally scratching the surface of the vase. Like the glass, the surface of this object some are very delicate.

The vases are in various shapes or forms can be used to place such as vases or other objects. At first glance we not usually worry about cleaning. But when we started cleaning we realize how difficult to clean.

To reach these remote areas as the cloth or mop. We have to fill them with hot water and baking soda to the border, to prepare this mixture and let stand for several minutes. With this we can remove embedded particles.



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