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clean lemon


Janitorial Supplies and Ingredients

  • Lemon.

The lemon have some applications, Fruit is one of the Most Used at the time of cleaning our home or office, aside from its delicious smell, Their use is household bleach as. The lemon have many properties of not only clothes for whitening, Also we use for clean the floor or other surfaces,  is perfect for our home, and maintain a pleasant environment for our family and guests

As the lemon has many applications, are not only for medical, we can use for cosmetics products, this tricks are not new, but the persons, we use particularly popular in household chores, is its ability to bleach.

So much so, the fame of the limon for cleaning all types of surfaces, has deservedly won, since no stain after exposing resist for a few minutes, a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Is perfect bleach, because that removes all types of stains, but also creates a delicious fragrance in our home, especially for a pleasant parties.

Another application is the lemon cut in half, then put in the washing machine within a sock, or other object that serves as a container. With this technique we save on detergents or other cleaning products, so we will save economic resources.

In the kitchen

The lemon can be used in household space where we cook our food, in this case we can split a lemon into two pieces to remove grease from the kitchen and the marble with a little salt. It is perfect for removing blood stains.

In the physical body of the human

Also be used as a cleanser of the body, such as skin blemishes. The lemon used as cleaner and bleach, is perfect for all kinds of cleaning. To clean the spilled drops, we can use a microfiber towel and Cotton Deck Mops With Handle.

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