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Glass and mirrors bright

janitorial equipment
Many times in our home, we have many activities to do during the day.
Cleanliness is the best way form to care simpler our home and protect family health.

The  basic hygiene, such as care to detail and organization in each of the spaces or places are many tasks that must not be neglected because they represent the image of the places or house where we live or we work. However, at present due to the multiple tasks that humans must perform to achieve meet all the basic needs that we need, for example daily tasks, work obligations.

All these tasks have reduced the time we spend in our home for cleaning.

This has led to the arrival of new products on the market, these are more effective, practical and "quick action" and on the other, we should resort to some tricks to facilitate this task.

Because of the high prices, many of us need to use tricks to clean home. In internet we can find some secrets for better and faster cleaning. In this article JanitorialWeb Janitorial Supplies, explain this tip, for clean of the best form.

Janitorial Supplies and Products

  • Periodic.
  • Microfiber Towel

This task is very complicated and difficult, usually always leave marks, streaks or marks. For this task, exist many techniques and suggestions, we can use the various commercial products with alcohol found in the market, even some  homemade tricks, we can learn from our neighbors or from the Internet.

One of the best ways to clean these surfaces, is to mix a little water with vinegar, with this we can degrease and shine.

Another way is to use water, alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, to obtain a mixture that leaves much brightness.The crystals we can clean with Microfiber Towel that leaves no lint, newsprint, rubber windows cleanings. The advantage of using this janitorial equipment, just have to dry the edges.


If they are dirty, clean the surface of the glass and mirrors with an onion, but only half. The rub with the surface and when soiled, remove and use the other, until fully clean the glass. Proceed to clean with newspaper.

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