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Green Statement

   JanitoiralWeb is the worlds leading E-commerce website that offers you the most Eco-friendly products in today's market. JanitorialWeb works constant on trying to lower our CO2 emissions one product at a time. That is why JanitorialWeb has joined up with the worlds leading manufactures of janitorial and industrial supplies. These same manufactures are constantly seeking in improving their products and facilities to provide a more environmentally friendly world. 

   The manufactures that JanitorialWeb has been able to partner with are so advanced and cautious about lowering our earths CO2 emissions, that they even have their very own forests, sawmills, wood processing plants, yarn blending, fiber and packaging facilities. Aside from all those benefits they even have forest reserve acres in excess of 24,000 acres and replanting three pine trees for each tree harvested.

   Did you know that producing a pound of cotton can consume up to 1,300 gallons of water, giving cottton one of the highest fresh-water ecological footprints among all crop? Additionally cotton production consumes approximately 25% of the world's insecticides, and more than 10% of the pesticides.

   To help reduce these negative impacts on our environment, our manufactures products is dedicated to the use of post-industrial cotton in their mops. Gathered straight from the processing plants and mills, cotton is not only diverted from the waste stream, but they also reduce energy consumption during the overall acquisations, transport, and  manufacturing cycle.

   Our manufactures mops are manufactured from reclaimed cotton which reflects our commitment to providing a sustainable cleaning and industrial solutions. Some of our manufactures consume about 200,000 lbs of reclaimed cotton waste weekly from mop production that would otherwise end local landfills= 400 BALES RECYCLED WEEKLY.  Last year about 10,400,000 lbs of cotton waste is used annually from our manufactures facilities; utilizing 30,800 BALES for sustainable cleaning and industrial solutions.