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janitorial supply

This article is special, because I explain some tips for realized the clean in our house. I Hope you can find one that help you.

How to clean the spot of blood?

For remove the spot of blood, we use hydrogen peroxide, this is perfect for clean this in the clothes.

Washing sheets in the washer

In the washer, when we put the washing in the sheet, we take a splash of bleach and the clothes, come out very clean, less wrinkled and more clean. If you put clothes of colours, use cold water.

Clean the animal hair:

Put in the broom a sock and sweep the floor. The hair it will paste in this object.

Clean the crystals:

In our home exist many crystal with grease spot, it must be dilute a spoon of coffee starch in 1/2 liter of hot water, and with the help of a sponge, we put the solution this liquid in all crystal. We wait a few minutes for dry and scrub the crystal with newspaper wet with some vinegar. We never use this preparation in crystal that this in sun, because the dry is very fast, and we will not have time for clean the dirty.

Clean the crystals with mark:

Many times always we clean the crystal, we leave some brands and we not know, how to clean them. Remove is very easy. After clean the crystal, you with the microfiber towel and clean.

Fishy odor pans:

For remove the odor of fish of the pans, after it washes, we should be used salt and you put hot water. Later we wait few a minutes and for finish we  rinsed.

Glass jars without odor:

We put the ground coffee only two spoons. Then put the glass in the places of the crystal, later you can use for put any food.

Clean lime in the bathroom stall:

This tips is very easy for us. We put in a sprayer with hot water with a little vinegar and pass a cloth. And be very clean. 




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