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If you have allergic to dust or mites and you need a homemade trick about clean the house for avoid these problems. In this article we learn to clean.

Janitorial Supply

  • Vacuum
  • Brooms
  • Mops

janitorial equipmentif you suffer from sneezing, itching of Gargant, headache, shortness of breath among many other symptoms, this means that you are allergic to dust or mites, It can also happen in both  case allergies.  

In this report by several hospitals of Allergology, the best way to avoid the multiplication of dust mites is to keep the best cleaning in every room of our house and, besides, we must control environmental aspects such as temperature and relative humidity. 

It is important because these arthropods are responsible for allergy sufferers million people worldwide, including are the first trigger of asthma and hinoconjunctivitis second or rhinitis. 

To continue the steps for clean the house: 

Step 1:

General Cleaning we will do the cleaning in the house minimum one times week, the first we have use is the vacuum for aspire the dust of the house. Especially in the space we pass more time. 

Step 2:

Maintained below 50% moisture this will reduce the number of mites, usually located in areas of high humidity. To ventilate these environments is minimum 20 minutes a day.

Step 3:

Refresh the environment, because high temperatures favour the development of these pathogens.

If you not have vacuum, you can use brooms and mops traditional.

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