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Janitorial Supplies and Ingredients

  • Olive oil.
  • Detergent.
  • seeds
  • cigar ash
  • Microfiber Towel

In our house we have many metal objects, many of these are oxidized for different reasons eg cleaning bad techniques or step time.

In this article, we will learn how to clean kitchen utensils for the best cleaning without causing damage or scratches. There are many ways to achieve the best cleaning. Next we learn one of these ways:

The first step we must take is to prepare a mixture with olive oil, just be a little, we can also use seeds and cigar ash. Dip a cloth in Aceito, with traces of ash and wipe off stainless steel objects, to restore its luster. Once clean, rinse with water and let them dry.

We can also use regular detergent, rub clean once the objects using natural soap and a little lemon juice. To end submerged in deep water and let dry for several minutes.

Another way that is not well known, is preparing boiled water's take some potatoes with the skin. After a few minutes later, we use water in stainless steel objects, applying them with a microfiber towel.

And finally apply some cleaner to rinse, and let dry.

Sweep debris that have fallen to the ground, with a broom.




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