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 The bottles of water of aluminum, popular between the people than want avoid the use of plastclean bottle janitorial supplyic and the nature lovers, this object it is can be large and with narrow holes. It is design are difficult of clean up to background. Is possible than the vapor not can and the sterilize in the background of the bottle if it is wash in the dishwater. Exist some option for clean the mold, spots or other types of the dirty in the recipient.


Janitorial Supply and instruments

  • Bottle of water






  1. Complete the bottle of aluminum lukewarm and add a polishing pad, you can buy in the supermarket or shopping center of janitorial, you can use too, one or more effervescent tablet.

  2. We wait a few minutes, some tablets need minimum 30 minutes remain inside the bottle for leave a fresh scent in the bottle. Remember buy tablet, because is possible you can use more one of this, you can identify this tablet, can be used in the cleaning of dentures, we read the instructions of the pastille.

  3. Empty the recipient and full with soap dishwasher and hot water. If there is spot difficult of cleanliness or mold, we can user a brushes for the zones more difficult in the bottle. We can mix uncooked rice and shake the bottle.

  4. Rinse the bottle

  5. Place the bottle to air dry.

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