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The cleaner is the activity than we must do care our health and environment. This activity is set for some tips janitorial supplytasks, as of care detail and organize in each of the spaces, are homework we not neglect because represent the image of the house or place wherein inhabit.

However our work time consuming, each day we have them do more thing and more difficult realize the cleaner in home. This problems of time, has forced companies to create new more efficient equipment, practice and quickly action. But exist many homemade tricks for facility all the clean.

This tips accelerate this work and achieve the best results.

Janitorial Supply

Is the instrument, articles or equipment for clean the surface of our department and other place as bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room, mirror, crystals shower and other.

Clean the crystal and mirror

In a previous article I explain some form for the realize the task. For the people clean the crystal represents a big problem or very complicated, always are spots, streaks and fingerprints. Exist many technique and suggestion, from the distinct commercial products than are more effective.

Between homemade formulas we find with a little water, vinegar we can do a mix degreases and shines. Other form it is use alcohol, white vinegar, ammonia you get a good shine leaves much.
The mirror you can clean with a microfiber towel all purpose to leave no lint, toilet paper, paper newspaper or the cleaner with rubber on the end.  An advantage instrument is that it leaves no trace and just need to dry the edges.

Sweep easily

For achieve a sweep more effective any floor free of dirty, you can wrap the broom with a nylon stocking, with these we make sure to pick up what is not watch.

Tile impeccable

Dissolves a little of ammonia in water and clean the tile with newspaper moistened with the mix. Is you not have ammonia, you can use vinegar. If it is very dirty use a bicarbonate paste, bleach and then scrub with a brush and rinse thoroughly.
In the kitchen you can clean with vapor.

Idea for the shower

The best matter for wash the tub is rubbing with hot vinegar. If it is have spot color yellow, rub a lemon and salt.

Oil stains on the floor if you only clean with the mop, the floor stay slippery floor, to avoid this situation use detergent and leave it for several minutes, function with ammonia too.

I hope help you this tips, we are the janitorial company and always try to think as to help in cleaning.



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